Our what does the two checks beside the gift box mean on stardew valley pc

Stardew Valley Expanded at Stardew Valley Nexus - Mods and ...

Apr 09, 2019· Stardew Valley Expanded is a fanmade expansion for ConcernedApe's Stardew Valley. This mod adds 25 new NPCs, 32 locations, 220 character events, 850 location messages, reimagined vanilla areas, two farm maps, a reimagined world map reflecting all changes, new music, new questlines, and many miscellaneous additions!

Railroad - Stardew Valley Wiki

This page or section contains unmarked spoilers from update 1.5 of Stardew Valley. Mobile players may want to avoid or be cautious toward reading this article. The Railroad is an exterior region located north of the Mountain. It becomes accessible after an earthquake clears the blocked pass, on the 3rd of …

12 Spoiler-Free Stardew Valley Tips and Tricks to Get You ...

Mar 26, 2020· Stardew Valley is wholesome and the mayor your patron saint. Despite the improbable economics, the hardy little guy hauls all the loot you put into the drop box and sells it for you each night. When you wake up in the morning, you get a breakdown of the sale and of the proceeds.

Stardew Valley Fishing: How to Catch Fish

Hopefully this helps you catch some fish in Stardew Valley. Each level of fishing will increase the size of the green area, so it makes it a bit easier to catch the average fish. You'll have access to tackle that helps immensely once you're in the levels 6-8 and have an Iridium Fishing Pole.

Stardew Valley - Blog

May 07, 2021· Patch for Playstation. ConcernedApe posted on April 30th, 2021 in Uncategorized. Playstation players, You may have noticed a new update for Stardew Valley. It's very a small update that fixes some bugs ( – Fixed crashes in map transitions. …

Stardew Valley: How to 'Feed the Sand Dragon His Last Meal'

Jan 22, 2021· The bus line starts at around 10:10 am in Stardew Valley's in-game time with players only being able to buy tickets once Pam gets to the bus. She will leave her station at …

Secret Notes - Stardew Valley Wiki

Secret Notes are collectible notes that can be unlocked by walking to the Bus Stop from The Farm during Winter between 6am and 4pm. The player will see a cutscene in which a "Shadow Guy" (who could be Krobus) startles and runs away. After seeing the cutscene, the …

Stardew Valley Lewis: shorts, schedule, gifts and more ...

Dec 31, 2017· If you're a really, really mean person, you can take tokens and keep shorts, making the same trick every year, and losing friendship with Lewis every time. Another quest in Stardew Valley game activates on Summer 21 st. You have to live in Stardew Valley for two years to …

Stardew Valley - Stardew Valley 1.5 Update Full Changelog

1.5 adds an entire new region of the world, Ginger Island (part of the Fern Islands): Added new locations, dialogue, events, minigames, puzzles, and a quest line involving multiple NPCs. Added new secondary NPCs: Birdie, Gourmand Frog, and Professor Snail. Added a volcano dungeon which changes each time you visit it similar to the mines.

Carpenter's Shop - Stardew Valley Wiki

Feb 07, 2021· The Carpenter's Shop is located in the Mountain area north of Pelican Town. Robin is the town carpenter and runs the shop, which is inside her home where she lives with Demetrius, Maru, and Sebastian.The shop is open most days from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Robin sells wood, stone, and furniture.She can also upgrade the Farmhouse and construct new farm buildings.

Quests - Stardew Valley Wiki Guide - IGN

Quests. While Stardew Valley is a farming simulator and gives you the opportunity to explore, craft, grow crops, talk to NPCs, and generally enjoy the life of a farmer, a large chunk of the game ...

What is behind the community center? *spoiler text for ...

May 03, 2018· Stardew Valley. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews. Stardew Valley > General Discussions > Topic Details. This topic has been locked Eoin Lynne. May 3, 2018 @ 9:42pm What is behind the community center? *spoiler text for Secret Note 14* ...

Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta: Known Issues & Fixes ...

May 20, 2018· 6) Right after the Stardew Valley Fair, the player who stuck in the mini game had lost a Steel axe and the steel axe is replaced by a bamboo pole. We knew that because of the position of the equipment and the amount of bamboo pole is 4 but the amount of our player is 3 and we doesn't bought any bamboo pole. 7) Host's Stardew valley keep crashing.

Stardew Valley patch update: everything new in ... - PC Gamer

Dec 21, 2020· Stardew Valley fans have been treated to a number of updates over the years, including Stardew Valley's multiplayer farming, four new farm maps, and …

Starters Guide - Stardew Valley Wiki Guide - IGN

Jan 30, 2021· Starters Guide. Stardew Valley is a very deep game, that dumps you on an old farm, with tons of possibilities! It can be a bit overwhelming at first, so check out our Starter's Guide tips below to ...

Dwarf - Stardew Valley Wiki

The Dwarf is a valley resident who lives in The Mines.Initially the way is blocked off by an unbreakable rock, just inside the entrance. After upgrading to a steel pickaxe the stone can be broken. A cherry bomb also works.. The Dwarf will start out speaking Dwarvish, which is unreadable by the player.

"Pelican Town to Sims Town" - A Stardew Valley, Sims 3 ...

Jan 25, 2020· Pelican Town to Sims Town A Stardew Valley Fanfiction Disclaimer: "Stardew Valley" and it's respective characters in this story are the property of ConcernedApe - creator and game developer. I do not claim these characters as my own, original characters. *There are some situations and events that will happen in this story that may trigger some unpleasant emotions or memories.

How does gifting work? :: Stardew Valley General Discussions

Mar 03, 2016· So this one day I gave someone a gift. The empty space on the people page filled up a spot with a gift box icon. I took it to mean you can gift someone twice a day, but the following day, or the day after that, I don't remember, the box was still filled in and I …

Slime Hutch - Stardew Valley Wiki

Apr 07, 2021· Behavior. After purchasing the Slime Hutch, Marlon will visit the player, providing them with a Slime Egg to start breeding Slimes. The Slime Hutch contains 4 water troughs which can be filled by the player in order for the Slimes to produce Slime Balls.. Slimes in the hutch will attack the player; obtaining the Slime Charmer Ring will prevent damage and debuffs from the Slimes.

Hardwood in Stardew Valley: how to get and use | Stardew ...

Sep 19, 2017· Visiting the mines – The Mines in Stardew Valley is very dangerous place to roam through, but you will find many breakable barrels and boxes, which has a chance of containing hardwood. Choosing a lumberjack profession – once you reach level 10 in foraging, you can choose your preferred profession. One of these professions is called ...

Secrets - Stardew Valley Wiki

Shipping - Stardew Valley Wiki

Stardew Valley: 17 Tips for Getting to Level 100 Of Skull ...

Apr 14, 2021· With the possibility of more updates in the future, Stardew Valley is a game full of potential with a long lifespan ahead of it. Updated on April 12, 2021 by Michael Christopher: Once again, Stardew Valley has been given a huge update for free. This update brought with it some new ways to help you get to the 100th level of Skull Cavern.

Shipping - Stardew Valley Wiki

Quests. While Stardew Valley is a farming simulator and gives you the opportunity to explore, craft, grow crops, talk to NPCs, and generally enjoy the life of a farmer, a large chunk of the game ...

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