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05-09-2018· This Silverton stash bag from Stashlogix has a lot going for it. It's smell-proof, it locks, it's got adjustable dividers, it's got a gasket sealing system…and I haven't even mentioned the included poker tool. There's an included poker tool!! Also, it's pretty dope looking – especially since it doesn't look like there'd be dope inside. It's […]

Cannabis Humidors, Wood Storage and Stash Boxes

Our premium wooden boxes are built to store your stash and accessories. Every hand-crafted weed container is made from durable wood designed to reduce humidity and preserve your botanicals' flavor. We also offer glass containers and multi-chamber boxes specifically designed for smoking accessory, concentrate, and dry herb storage.

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29-10-2018· Securing Cannabis Safely Medical marijuana is legal in more than half the United States, but, that doesn't mean it should be treated casually. Like alcohol and prescription medication, cannabis should be treated seriously. Stash boxes make great stoner gifts. We all need a special spot to stash our weed. Here are 20+ weed stash boxes ranging from

Best Weed Containers | Marijuana Storage by Cannador®

Cannador® is a uniquely designed humidification box that is designed for the short or long-term Marijuana storage. We carry the best weed containers!

14 Best Weed Jars and Storage Containers for Weed [ …

30-04-2021· Weed jars and best storage containers for weed. Herb Guard Airtight Container and Smell Proof Stash Jar 500mL. More to love: Tightvac Airtight Multi-Use Vacuum Seal Portable Storage Container 570mL. More to love: Masterdam Jars StashShield UV Glass Jar 100mL. More to love: Medtainer Storage with built-in grinder.

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Check out this amazing stash box with a fingerprint lock. That's right, it's the Legacy Fingerprint Lockbox from Hakuna Supply, a beautifully crafted wooden stash box that uses advanced biometric technology to keep your gear and buds locked up tight.It's one secure stash. Inside this Fingerprint Lockbox you'll find a handsome rolling tray sitting snuggly atop two interior compartments ...

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The Stone Box II from Black Leaf is one of the best marijuana stash boxes. It is made from smooth, lacquered bamboo that comes with compartments for your accessories. This box can store your precious weed and keep it fragrant, fresh and potent. It comes with a 3-piece pollen box …

The 13 Best Weed Storage Boxes, Containers, and Jars

12-07-2020· The Hakuna XL is a weed storage box made of solid wood and unlike the Hakuna original, it comes with a lock. It's 9.5 inches tall and 5.75 inches wide. The Hakuna XL also comes with a grinder, 1/8th-ounce container, and a small tin. The Hakuna XL comes with one of two different designs on the top and a 4.5/5 star average review. This is the best stash box …

Cannabis Humidors That Keep Your Stash Moist, And …

28-07-2017· Cannabis Humidor That Keeps Your Stash Moist and, Yes, It Does Lock. Cannabis.net recently sat down with Gaetan Delorme, of Delorme Humidors, to find out how he came up with the idea for a cannabis only humidor and what other features he built in the awesome box.

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TrueLeaf Custom Black Herb Stash Box Set w/ Rolling Tray, Herb Holder, Weed Supply Box, Cannabis Container, Herb Organizer Box, Stoner Gift ... Favorite Add to Locking Stash Box with Combo Lock - Luxury Stash Box with two built in Rolling Trays - Rolling tray Box with Lock - Large Stash Box Wood Box ...

The Best Executive Smell Proof / Lockable Weed Stash …

The box also comes with many needed accessories to keep the party going. Being able to lock the box and keeping your precious bud safe is just another of the many features this weed storage container perfect for the man or woman on the go brings to the table. Executive Smell Proof & Lockable Weed Stash Box…

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Stash gear, such as tins and boxes, are designed to safely and discreetly store all your smoke gear. We stock a wide selection of items, including re-sealable, waterproof herb bags, airtight coffee containers, lockable boxes, and decorative tobacco tins.

Stash Box With Lock For The Snowboarding Stoner - A …

10-07-2018· A Stash Story: Stash Box With Lock "It took an unfortunate incident, but I was finally motivated to find a stash box with lock. It took a disastrous event to get me there, but it happened. I've been snowboarding since the day I turned 12. For the 10 years before that, I was on skis.

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27-05-2021· Weed containers are crucial for storing cannabis. The best weed containers preserve ideal humidity levels, ensuring maximum flavor. For short-term storage, a weed stash box …

Best Weed Accessories - 2021 Roundup - American …

20-05-2021· Everything starts with well-maintained, well-stored cannabis. That's why we found the best stash boxes on the market for the serious cannabis enthusiast – so you can keep your herb safe, under lock and key, but also help regulate humidity to keep your bud smoking the way it ought to. Read our full review of the best stash boxes out there today:

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25+ Weed Stash Boxes to Securely Store Cannabis (UPDATED ...

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Stash boxes are ideal for keeping your weed and a range of other smoking accessories together and easily accessible. These boxes are more firm than a stash gear bag and offer more protection as well. The RAW Wooden Weed Stash Box provides enough space for some weed, a few papers, a lighter, and some cardboard for a roach.


This Silverton stash bag from Stashlogix has a lot going for it. It's smell-proof, it locks, it's got adjustable dividers, it's got a gasket sealing system…and I haven't even mentioned the included poker tool. There's an included poker tool!! Also, it's pretty dope looking – …

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