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01-02-2021· LOTRO patches further adjustments to troubled legendary item grind. By. Justin Olivetti. -. February 1, 2021 10:00 AM. 12. With the third round of changes regarding legendary items in Lord of the Rings Online arrives, the community still isn't having it with SSG's infuriating restrictions to gaining the items that they need for this system.

Become Legendary Gift of the Valar For a limited time: Dec ...

12-12-2013· Known issue: Box becomes unusable after you reach level 50. Suggestion: Use the Gift of the Valar box multiple times until the box disappears. This will ensure that all of the items therein are now in your possession and will allow you to consume them properly.-----

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04-12-2010· Gift Boxes (LotRO) Starting a new character in Middle Earth is a daunting task, fraught with danger and difficulties, but there is help. Each new character receives a Gift Pack in the mail shortly after completing the Introductory quests and reaching …


11-04-2009· But a poor drop rate from the new gift boxes doesn't explain why fewer items overall should be turning up compared to pre-Book 7 days. The answer, I think, must lie in the fact that the Watcher raid has been modified and made considerably harder - the result being that Watcher (Mark II) kills are still extremely rare, resulting in few if any First Age legendaries from that source.

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01-06-2021· Legendary Gift Box. Bind on Acquire. Item Level: 1. Cooldown: 1s. Minimum Level 50. "This box contains a prize for you. I wonder what's inside? It's probably something that will let you enhance your Legendary Items."

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Our new Legendary servers of Shadowfax and Treebeard arrive on June 30th! Read More. The LOTRO Beacon: Issue 210 Fri, 06/25/2021 - 17:06. The latest news, sales, bonuses, events, and more! Read More. The LOTRO Beacon: Issue 209 Fri, 06/18/2021 - 16:06.

I got a legendary gift box but idk where/how to open it ...

16-05-2020· Those "Mystery Gift (5-Pack)" were from the "Legendary Gift Box" reward that you've received. Click to expand... yeah! when i went in there, i realized i never been in there, never sent the gift packs, never claimed the rewards, so i sent the gifts and collected the rewards but none of them were the legendary gift boxes, I'm sure of it.

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"A gift box containing a legendary reward. Use this item to receive your gift."

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01-06-2021· This gift box drops items based on the opening character's level. [ show] Level 1-29. Item. Chance. 10 Dim Edhelharn Token s. 9.55%. 25 Greater Athelas Extract s. …

Anniversary giftbox question : lotro

You dont get prior year gift boxes annually you get them once. So when you create a new char, that is when you would get all those prior year boxes but for your existing chars you should have already recieved those boxes. If not I believe you can use the command /reclaim and that will give them to you. (not on that though)

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16-12-2010· Originally Posted by Fredelas. This is not a bug. Edit: You are opening 'Supreme Legendary Gift' Boxes. What you are probably looking for are Hobbit Gift Box (available at the party tree), Elf Gift Box (available in Duillond), Man Gift Box (available at the Bree-land festival grounds), or Dwarf Gift Box (available at the inn in Thorin's Hall).

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13-07-2015· When you first imbue a legendary item, each legacy will unlock a number of tiers equal to its pre-imbuement tier minus 1. So, if your legacy is at Tier 6 pre-imbuement, 5 of the 10 locked tiers will immediately be unlocked for us. We definitely want to have high tiers on our pre-imbuement legacies if …

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13 · 04-12-2010· Gift Boxes (LotRO) Starting a new character in Middle Earth is a daunting task, …


27-07-2008· So far, four Legendary items have surfaced, but disappointingly, they turn out to be nothing more than re-classified Balrog drops: a necklace, an earring, a pocket item and the Wig-feld cloak. The three items of jewellery are good but not stunning, and depending on your class, they may or may not be an improvement on the best teals; Wig-feld is ...

LOTRO Anniversary 2021 Event - Guide to Quests, Steeds …

21-04-2021· 2021 Marks 14 Years of LOTRO – so it's time to celebrate LOTRO Anniversary Event! Quests and events are being held across Middle-Earth with the main and Eriador Scavenger Hunts literally seeing people trekking across most map regions. But even if you don't (or can't) do Scavenger, there are plenty of ways to rack up those Anniversary Tokens and enjoy the the rewards available!

Imbuement Guide (U29) | LOTRO Players

24-03-2021· Imbuement Guide (U29) With Update 28 en 29 there have been a lot of changes to the way of acquiring scrolls and crystals. The imbuement is still the same and the revamp is still a long time away. For this guide we'll focus on keeping it compact and streamlined.

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24-05-2020· Battle Gift Boxes generally only offer potions or food and Legendary Gift Boxes reward sub-par Legendary items. It is interesting to note that monsters have their own version - Grim Skull Box. Be aware that the tokens must be earned from that specific character.

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01-06-2021· "Oh boy, oh boy! A gift box! You sure hope it is full of First Age Legendary Items and armour from Dâr Narbugud!"

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28-11-2011· The reclaim command. Posted on November 28, 2011 by Omnymax. A couple of days ago I learned about the /reclaim command and decided to test it to see what I could get back. To my surprise, I received all the RoI treats again! In another words, all the open gifts where back again into that one slot gift box. I quickly went to my vault and got rid ...

Ravalation: Tips for spending your steel tokens (LOTRO ...

08-05-2016· Platinum Gift Box: contents of the Cosmetic Gift Box, Battle Gift Box or Legendary Gift Box, or commendations (PvP currency) If your character is level 20 or higher, you can consider travelling to the Ettenmoors to barter your steel tokens for this cheaper Platinum Gift Box.

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04-05-2015· Legendary Title Selection Box from Quartermaster (March on Gundabad) ... All of the level-boosting "Valar" purchases from the LotRO Store, other than the level 50 Gift of the Valar, include at least two Legendary items and the ability to use Legendary items …

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04-08-2015· Completing all 7 exercises will earn you 7 gift-boxes from the faction you chose to aid during the exercise. With the 7 Gold Coins earned from completing these exercises, along with the 7 district gift-boxes, the training exercises make for an incredibly efficient way to make progress on your journey toward fully-realized legendary items and essence armor! 🙂

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Item:'Gift' Box. "The three of you are hereby banished from Edoras." - Gríma Wormtongue. Due to Replacement by similar item with different name, this Item is now obsolete. What rhymes with ale? "Oh boy, oh boy! A gift box! You sure hope it is full of First Age Legendary …

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