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01-03-2021· Flomic balikbayan cargo is a division of flomic freight & logistics llc. Balikbayan boxes come in many sizes, and most companies use established common sizes for convenience. Step.1 order your balikbayan box. Box size is 17 x 18 x 28 it takes 8 to 10 weeks for delivery to …

Using LBC Balikbayan Air Delivery during COVID-19 : US …

23-07-2020· As of this writing most LBC Branches have reopened throughout the US, however changes in COVID 19 resurgence may close some businesses per state law in the unforeseeable future. LBC offers other box sizes and weigh options for air cargo delivery. As seen in image below:

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Balikbayan Box Sizes and Dimensions. Balikbayan Boxes come in many sizes, and most companies use established common sizes for convenience. While technically you can use any box of any size, it is beneficial of you to use common balikbayan box sizes …

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30-05-2013· With LBC's Any Box Size Acceptance Promo, even durable drums and oversized boxes are now accommodated. LBC Sea Cargo doesn't have a per kilometer charge, chargeable weight (no per kilo charge) bill of lading, and hidden charges. They offer free pick-up, door-to-door delivery and guaranteed weekly shipping.

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01-10-2013· How to contact LBC air cargo department. I need LBC IN FORT COLLINS COLORADO on November 05, 2017: Hello I would like to know if anyone know where I can send balikbayan boxes to the Philippines, I live in Fort Collins, Colorado, I have been looking for a while, thank you

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10-09-2018· LR Trust Balikbayan Box. Address: Calle Sant Gil 8 Barcelona, Spain. Tel: 634-173-717 / 931-054-534. LBC Mabuhay Cargo. Address: Carrer del Roure, 2, 08820 Prat De Llobregat ( El ), Barcelona, Spain. Tel: +34 934 12 66 36. Kabayan SL. Address: 6 San Rafael y San Roque, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Tel: 922-202736 / 922-709202.

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20-03-2019· 8. LBC Express. While other balikbayan box shipping companies show the box prices based on the destination, on LBC Express website you can calculate the cost by entering the size of the box and details of the package. Try this feature and confirm the cost to get the best deal. Through the live chat, you can schedule a pick up date.

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Select the right box, based on its size and the amount of items you are packing. Do not extend the height of the box, or overstuff it.

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LBC BALIKBAYAN BOX $100.00 for Jumbo size box (24x18x24). Anywhere in Philippines just one price. LBC also accept competitor's balikbayan box or any size of box. Free Balikbayan Box pick up straight from your doorstep for your total convenience. Service Area: Panama City FL, Chipley FL, De Funiak Spring FL, Dalevelle AL, Enterprise AL, Dothan AL

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Mindanao. £95. *For more information please contact us via telephone or via email. *Please note that LBC reserves the right to change the prices without prior notice. * Click here on how to pack your boxes properly. Available sizes: Large Balikbayan Box – 30 x 22 x 20 in. Medium Balikbayan Box …

LBC - Singapore Balikbayan Box

08-12-2015· AFreight Cargo 304 Orchard Rd 03-19 Lucky Plaza Singapore Extra Tall (23x23x45) Super Maxi (24x24x36) Mega Plus (24x24x30) New Midi (24x18x20) Quarter Plus (24x14x14) Gift Pack (12x14x14) Manila 115 100 95 75 50 30 Luz A 135 120 110 80 55 35 Luz B & C 145 130 120 85 65 40 Luz D & Vis 160 145 135 100 75 45 Min 170 155 145 105 80 50

Balikbayan Box 101: A fool proof guide to send your ...

16-07-2018· Book your Balikbayan Box with a trusted cargo service. The next step will be to book your own box to a trusted cargo service. LBC presents their clients options to have this done either by calling 800-522-111 or by booking it online through lbc.filipinotimes.net.


02-09-2011· The LBC Balikbayan Box will be the best choice. No weight limit, for only $85 with the dimension of 20x18x18. The Taste of the Orient in Phoenix Oregon will accept different box sizes, you can contact them at Tel #: (541) 227-6584 alt #: (541) 535-1684 to get the exact prices of your boxes that will exceeds the given dimension.

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30-03-2021· LBC BALIKBAYAN BOX $100.00 for Jumbo size box (24x18x24). Service Area: Panama City FL, Chipley FL, De Funiak Spring FL, Dalevelle AL, Enterprise AL, Dothan AL Actually, you can use any size box, but the large ones are most often used.


Welcome to Akron, Ohio LBC Express Balikbayan box shipping to the Philippines. LBC is oldest most trusted Balikbayan Box shipper in the world. We ship large boxes 17 x 18 x 28" with unlimited weight for a flat rate. Boxes are delivered within 8 to 10 weeks to your doorstep in the Philippines.

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1. Choose the right box size. Before anything else, make sure that you get a box that's big enough for your items, so you don't "overstuff" your box! The size of the box would also determine the delivery rate. Below are the different box sizes offered by LBC: Junior Balikbayan Box – 38 x 60 x 45 inches; Medium Balikbayan Box – 53 x ...

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19-06-2021· The Balikbayan boxes come in various sizes (Small, Medium, Large and Jumbo) depending on your preference and budget. Filipinos who work and live abroad, typically fill the Balikbayan boxes throughout the year and send it to their family a few months before the Christmas season or on several occasions in a year.

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11-03-2013· The box is around $10 each. Fill up the box with stuff (you can take your time filling it up), then call them again for pickup.. and that's all there is to it. Another option is, you can go to an LBC branch (not sure where in Melbourne since i'm from Sydney) then just buy the boxes from there. Customer service of LBC is based in Pinas.

Balikbayan Box Sizes and Dimensions - Star Kargo AZ

While technically you can use any box of any size, it is beneficial of you to use common balikbayan box sizes to take advantage of carrier pricing. These common sizes factor in the best dimensions when loading shipping containers, which ultimately translates to better pricing for you. Star Kargo AZ provides mainly the Large or Jumbo balikbayan box (24″ x 24″ x 18″).

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