Our folding the top of a cereal box

Apparently, We've All Been Folding Cereal Boxes Wrong

May 08, 2020· -Pull out the cardboard tabs and fold one of the longer flaps back inside.-Tuck the smaller side tabs inside, folding the box in half on each side, creating two cardboard V shapes.-Fold the second long flap over the other side of the V to hold it in place. Give the sides a squeeze and a pinch, which will make the box stay closed.

Cereal Box Folding Hack is the Right Way to Seal Your Boxes

May 18, 2020· Rather than inserting the tab into the flap on the top of the box, she realized that by folding the sides inwards that she could save her family from torn packaging and stale cereal. And best of all, the method is easy to replicate, making it one of those little life hacks you're happy to know.

Cereal box hack shows a better way to close the flaps ...

May 12, 2020· May 12, 2020. Start your morning right with this cereal box hack. Becky Holden McGhee, a wedding planner in Blackpool, England, went viral after demonstrating how to fold the top flaps of a ...

easy Must know Lifehacks how to reseal the top of Cereal Box

Dec 17, 2015· This video shows you how to fold up the top of a cereal box. It can also be done for other similar types of boxes. If you like feel free to share on your med...

HACK: How to Fold a Cereal Box Top - YouTube

Keep cereal or any open box from spilling AND make it easy to store in the pantry.

Woman reveals we've all been sealing cereal boxes wrong ...

Apr 22, 2020· TikTok users have shared how to make cereal stay fresher and crisper for longer A simple hack involves folding the top of the box over to seal the …

Cereal Box Folding Hack: How To Do The Viral Trend & Close ...

May 13, 2020· 1 - Get your open cereal box and fold down the two small flaps into the box. 2 - Then, fold down one of the longer sides, in the same manner. 3 - Poke in the narrow sides of the cereal box ...

Mom's Viral Video Shows A New Way To Close Cereal Box ...

Jun 29, 2020· "It's 1 a.m. in NY and I'm in the kitchen folding my cereal boxes," commented Tara Ennis. "Tempted to open new boxes to keep folding. Thank you for sharing!"

People try viral 'how to close a cereal box' hack. 'Mind ...

May 12, 2020· Take a look at the unique way of folding the top of the box which, in theory, ensures a secure close and keeps the cereal fresh.

This viral cereal box closing trick actually works

May 14, 2020· Next, fold the two shorter sides of the box into a "V" shape and push them in. Finally, take the other long flap and tuck it into the box, making sure the flap is secured among the interior folds.

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